Which smartphone to buy for a toddler?

What does kids safety means to you?  

Living in a century when kids have access to the internet from the young age we neeed to make sure that it’s safe for them to use. How many of you let your son or daughter watch YouTube on it’s own? Nowadays so many “standard” kids videos can include the wrong and even dangerous messages. 

  As soon as a toddler goes to school , many parents are asked to get a first mobile phone for them and have a dilemma with what to do. It can be reassuring to know where your child is and what is he/she doing but at the same time parents are concerned about  the dangers of allowing their child to have a mobile phone.


Last week I had a chance to meet the Co-Founder and CEO @ monqi – Frederik Albrechtsen who came directly from Barcelona to meet us . While we enjoyed our lunch at Rosso restaurant, I was lucky to check out the Monqi mobile myself and learn more about the product and find out why it’s different from the many others on the market.  

Monqi kids smartfone is designed to be incredibly safe for children. For a really affordable price , your kid can own a modern mobile phone which can be fully tracked from the parents device. All you need is to install the Monqi App to your smartphone. 

This product has also been highly rated by the mumsnet. 

‘IMO S2 with monqi gives you full parental control and complete peace of mind.

Safe internet browsing guarentees no inappropriate content and remote lock will help to control the spending time on device without taking the phone away from the child. 

Live location tracking is another great function which makes this devise stand out from many others.You can see on the map where is your child is and also check the last use of the mobile. 

Also family chat will help to be connected with your kid all the time and if any wrong words, contacts or calls from unknown numbers will be detected, you will be notified ASAP.  

It helped many families around the world to find out about the kids bullying at school and resolve the problem at an early stage.

Finally , Monqi have over 1500 games and apps available to download ,however each app must be approved from the parents device first which is also an excellent feature. 

I would like to thank Minqi for an opportunity to meet with Mr Frederik Albrechtsen and be introduced to this smartfone.   

I’ve been playing around with it for the last week and now I know whenever my daughter is learning how to use the mobile phone it’s safe as I have control.


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