Link Nutrition supplements

Being healthy is always beautiful!

Hair, skin and nail supplements have been on drugstore shelves for decades, but not many people really believe in them.

As  much as I try to look after my skin and nails,use different serums ,masks and creams and take care from the outside,  the food and supplements really can affect ‘the beauty’  from the inside.

I do take Beauty vitamins on a  daily basis, in fact I try to buy different ones all the time as I truly believe that once the body gets used to it the effect is less visible .

After my holidays back in August, I received some vitamins to try from the brand called Link Nutrition.

Basically I’ve had an option to choose from the  various types ( they really have a lot to choose from) from Omega 3, Beauty, Multivitamins,Well-being support  to Night and Relax… and much more.

Of course I decided to try their Beauty range as I urgently needed to replace my old supplements but also I had my eyes on this brand for a while.

I wasn’t sure about the second choice, but I knew that my sleeping has not always been great,working till late , long hours over my phone/computer really affected my regime and quality of sleep.So I decided to give the “Night” supplements a go .

Firstly , I want to tell a little bit more about the ‘Beauty” food based and mineral supplement . There are 60 capsules in the monthly pack .Two capsules daily  must be taken with/after the food . So as not to forget , I usually set up an alarm or reminder on my phone, and never miss it. Consistency is important when you want to achieve the best results.

The Link Nutrition is a British brand, and the “Beauty “ supplement was also recommend by the Women’s Health Magazine for aiding water retention in the skin, supporting collagen formation, preventing ageing and maintaining a healthy glowing skin ,hair and nails.

The main ingredient is bamboo extract which contain over 70% of organic silica and is about  ten times more potent for a more prominent effect on healthy hair, skin and strong nails.

Now let’s talk about the results.

Its been over the month since I started to take Beauty supplements and I can share my opinion about it.

Even with some brands you need around 3 month to see the actual result, with the LinkNutrituon one month was enough to see the difference.

After my holidays I had the gel removed so my nails needed a bit of recovery and I  can honestly  say that my  nails started to grow much quicker and stronger than before.

I never had a problems with my hair, but I realised some new ‘baby hair’ appears on my forehead .

Not missing the fact that my skin also looks much better, smoother and even. Ofcourse I’ve been using different skin products, tried to eat clean and drink plenty of water, but overall I’m very happy with this supplement so far.

The “Night “ is also a food based supplement with lemon balm and Montmorency cherries which is helping you naturally have a better & deeper sleep and get rid of fatigue.

The pack is also contains 60 capsules,two daily.The main ingredient is magnesium which supports psychical functions, improved energy and reduces tiredness.

After taking this supplement for a month I can confirm that my fatigue is almost gone. I wake up much easily in the morning, don’t feel as tired as before during the day and sleep easier. My sleep is still not perfectly deep and relaxed, but I’m working on it.

Finally, I can definitely recommend this brand, the Beauty and Night been used for a month by myself and the results are visible.

Please check the LinkNutrition website and get the support your body needs.

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