🌼SkinKissed serum review🌼

Having late nights, bad eating habits, sleeping with makeup overnight, hormonal changes and stress can cause acne and really affect your skin.

Luckily in your early twenties skin is able to repair itself, however when in your late twenties the lifestyle choices will begin to show.

I never took care of my skin when I was younger as I do now. I used to be in the sun without spf all day, never removed my makeup properly and used skincare brands what didn’t suit my skin type and caused blackheads and redness.

Now I realise how important to keep your skin healthy from the young age and I try to do all I can to look young and take proper care if my skin.

I’ve tried many skincare brands and there are always a few I’m coming back to again and again.

When it comes to skincare I always prefer serums and masks as I believe it’s the most effective and fast way to bring a glow to your skin, however the health is coming from the inside and can take a long term care and recovery.

Today I want to talk about one serum which I tried recently.

It was beginning of the summer when I received SkinKissed serum and I wanted to try my best to use it as much as possible to see the real results as there are so many good reviews are online about this particular product.

As I packed for my holidays at that time I did not miss the chance to take it with me.

Luckily the size of the bottle fits perfectly in hand luggage without airport restrictions.👌🏼

🌟Firstly, the SkinKissed is a Vitamin C serum with collagen and hyaluronic acid that nourishes and leaves your skin glowing.

The ingredients like rose water and vitamin C have been used for many years and aimed to achieve healthy looking skin.

Today it’s all possible with SkinKissed serum.

🌟Secondly , the product is great to be used not only like a serum, but also as I primer before your make up application .It will make your skin look smooth and dewy and I love it !

🌟Also it helps to heal the acne and clear it up completely in regular use.

🌟Finally , it’s very affordable considering the active ingredients it’s made of and very effective just like high end brands.

You can purchase the serum from the official website SkinKissed Web and save money if you buy two or more products which is super great!

Also you can find some amazing reviews and real stories about this product online too if you still don’t believe in this product.

Let me know if you decide to purchase one and what you think about it 💋

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