🍨Chocolate flapjack and peanut butter nice cream 🍌

This ice cream. It’s healthy!! Its actually good for you.I love to make it and it’s super easy too! 🍨

Also I love to play with a floavours and toppings and especially in Summer everybody loves a good portion of delicious and refreshing dairy free ice cream .

Today’s double chocolate flapjack ice cream can help to kill your chocolate cravings .

Firstly you will need some ripe bananas slices in small discs and frozen overnight .

Once it’s ready you can play with flavours.

I also love to add a coconut milk from the cane. So the ice cream is really creamy just like a dairy one.

This recipe it’s really chocolate one because I was excited to use @creativenaturesuperfoods raw cocoa powder .

I love to have little chunks in my ice cream and this time I added some raw cocoa flapjack and peanut butter and honestly speaking it was SENSATIONAL♥️

For 2 portions I used:

3 frozen bananas

1 cane of rich coconut milk

3 tbsp of coconut blossom syrup @indigo_herbs

5 tsp @meridianfoods Peanut butter

2 tbsp raw cocoa powder

1 cocoa flapjack ( 1/2 for decoration) @creativenaturesuperfoods

Blend frozen banana, cocoa powder, coconut milk and coconut syrup.

Always using Blendtec @blendtec for ice cream making ✨

Once combined, add small shucks of flapjack, peanut butter and slowly mix it in with the spoon and place in the plastic container and freeze for few hours.

Once really to eat, scoop the chocolate ice cream in the waffle cone or serving glass and serve with the rest of flapjack, cocoa nibs ( @indigo_herbs ) ,fresh berries or any other toppings you have at home!

Enjoy 🖤

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