🌺Pink Pitaya protein balls🌺

There are endless amount of protein and bliss balls recipes over the internet . I never have a recipe before I make any as Im simply combining my favourite ingredients and every time by adding or replacing some of it I create absolutely something new 🌺

Also I love to treat my friends with my homemade desserts and healthy snacks so the one I made today also will be delivered tomorrow to someone very special 🌸

I’m obsessed with Pink Pitaya powder. The colour is die for and everything you will add it to will look absolutely spectacular.

For the recipe today I used:

Half cup of Almond meal

Half cup of Oats

1/3 dicest coconut

1/3 cup of melted coconut oil @vitacocouk

1 scoop of Vanilla protein @kin_nutrition

2 teaspoons of Pitaya powder @wearesuperu

Half cup of pitted dates @indigo_herbs ( soaked in the water and drained)

1/3 cup of white chia seeds @chiabiaseed

1 Tsp of vanilla

2tbs almond butter @meridianfoods

1/4 cup of orange juice

To decorate🌺

Coconut flakes

Bee pollen @indigo_herbs

Pitaya powder for dusting @wearesuperu

All the ingredients blended in high speed food processor @blendtec

Rolled into balls and coconut,dusted with Pitaya powder and topped with bee pollen 🌺

Enjoy x

Lots of love

J by #jhealthykitchen

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