Green leaf salad with vegan creamy dressing 🌿

Sometimes to create a delicious and healthy meal only takes a couple of minutes and a bit of imagination of course .

Time to times I have a lot of the ingredients in the fridge which must to be used ASAP and then the magic happens.

I’m not gonna lie, we always have most random fruits in veg in our kitchen which was bought for some recipe or just to “try” for example the Star fruit which was used in this recipe too and was purchased on the fruit market in Arndale centre.

So today I had few boxes of different salads which my been used much and I really wanted to make something healthy with it.

Today’s salad is made of 100% greens and so delicious with creamy coconut dressing 🌿 It just turned out vegan without any aim to be .

I would also to add that my daughter loved it! She is usually very fussy and it’s to easy to add some greens in her menu but she asked for “more salad” which is definitely a good sign.

So let’s share the recipe:

Handful of rocket salad

Handful of lettuce chopped or ripped by hands

Sprout greens ( I have in the pot growing at my kitchen)


Half avocado

Asparagus boiled or grilled (used grilled )

For the dressing:

Big spoon of canned coconut cream

Parsley chopped

Lime or lemon juice


Chili flakes

Hemp seeds

Blender/ Nutribullet


Edible flowers

Star fruit

Wash all the leaves and mix well in the bowl.

Grill the asparagus and slice avocado nicely.

Mix all the dressing ingredients in nutribullet, add extra lemon juice if too thick.

Place the salad first, top with avocado, asparagus,and decorations .

Also mixed seeds or pumpkin, sesame can go well for extra nutrients .

Serve with sauce on the side and sprinkles of chili flakes 🌱

It’s a perfect summer salad, great if you want to loose weight or trying to eat more greens.

Enjoy 🌿

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